Kunstsuper Delft is run entirely by volunteers, with many of our artists regularly present as well. We also have various committees, including those responsible for coordinating all activities, for arranging displays in the gallery, and for selecting new artists.

Kunstsuper Delft board members are:
– Edith Bijleveld – Van der Hoeven (chair)
– Pieter van Haeften (treasurer)
– Nienke Kaptein (secretary)
– Cunera Jonker (coordinator)
– Leo van der Hout (artist)

Our mission

The twofold aim of Kunstsuper Delft is to offer a platform for artists from Delft and the surrounding area to gain experience and to showcase their works, and to give visitors the opportunity to encounter art in all its forms in an inspiring and personal way.


In 2010, the ‘HYPO-Kunstsuper’ started in the old post office on the Hippolytusbuurt as an exhibition space for TOP and Delft Design.

When the municipality of Delft was looking for a way to repurpose the building at Sint Agathaplein 4, we submitted a plan together with the current partners to give it a cultural interpretation, aimed at merging art, culture, and technology. The Prinsenkwartier was opened in 2015, after which we officially continued under the name ‘Kunstsuper Delft’.

Each time you visit Kunstsuper Delft you will see something new. Although the work of newcomers is often on display, the regular artists also routinely feature new work and make sure it is presented differently. So it is always worth coming along and having a look inside the gallery.